Sunday, December 5, 2010

Max The Elephant

Max is a construction paper guy
made of many scissor-cut pieces.
The brown color on his head is a
stack of three cut crowns. His legs
are three cut pieces each. His body
is an upsidedown T, one of Wil's
signature body pieces. He sold out
on the first day of our last Art Show.
It seems he is not simply loved by
kids, rather it is the kid in adults
that most love him. Max is a perfect
example of Wil's admiration for
young, fun characters. He will soon
be in Wil's website Store at 11x14" and 16x20" Giclee prints.
As well, Max will be offered as a greeting card.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Butterfly will soon be in
Wil's website store. She/He
is quite charming and a very
popular seller in Greeting Card form,
and will be available in 11x14" and
16x20" Giclee prints. Wil had a lot
of fun while cutting it out,and
wrestling with the prospects of
background color; Magenta won...
Yellow came in second.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Gathering

The Gathering (36" x 18")
left to right: Dilemma; Disappointment; Exclusion; Cool Pig; Pig Pirate; Toddler Pig; Shocked; All Seer; Faceless.
An anthology of Wil's works. Soon to be for sale in Wil's website store.


Wil enjoys cutting out hearts. I usually find several scattered on the floor at least twice a week. However, on occasion I find many arranged as is Hearts' 39 hearts.
Hearts will soon be for sale in Wil's website store.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Friends

From left to right: Michael, Wil and Debra. Michael is Wil's new friend and Debra is Wil's mom. The picture was taken by Michael's dad Gary in front of the Common Ground and Cupcakes business at the Renton Art Walk on Saturday, August 28, 2010.


Say hello to Tommy!
His white shirt and blue stripes, his darker blue pants, and his pink arm-hand are each a stack of separately cut paper-pieces that created his very distinct visual dimension.
Tommy will be for sale in Wil's Store soon...
Wil has other headless cutouts that I plan to eventually show.

Grasshopper Greenie

This is Grasshopper Greenie, Earth's Poster Girl defending her patch of ground. I found this on my kitchen counter one evening after Wil had gone home. I immediately began calling her Greenie, and the next morning when Wil arrived I asked him what it was and he quickly responded with Grasshopper. Obviously she is in a defense mode ready to protect her grassy patch of ground. Until Wil cut this art piece, I had no idea he was aware of "Let's go Green" to protect and Save our lives and Earth itself.
Grasshopper Greenie will be for sale in Wil's store soon!